Less = More

Author: Alisa Ivantsova
Photographer: Arttvorec
I never used to think about any big meaning or purpose of material things in my life. And then I opened myself to the idea of minimalism. And for me everything turned out to be very simple: if the possession of a given thing re-echos in my soul, then this thing has a meaning and a purpose for me in my life.

And if not, then I can - and actually have to - say goodbye to this thing. For each person the list and amount of these things can be absolutely different. And all options, with no exception, will be right.

Only this way we can save place for what is actually important. To free this space for something new in our life. I will say even more: by these means we can understand what is truly important for us. To comprehend what things you are absolutely not sorry to spend energy, time or money on. And this discovery is indeed invaluable.

I also understood an interesting pattern about myself. When you start considering whether a given thing brings happiness to your life or not, you can never stop.

At first you need to try very hard to understand and comprehend this moment with each thing, then this starts to happen easier and more intuitively. Currently, for me this consideration happens almost automatically.
One more interesting observation. It seems that the material world and the spiritual world are far from each other. However, I feel that they are strongly interconnected and that they depend on each other.

It just so happens that after I cleared the space around me, it became clearer and simpler internally as well. This means that thanks to the fact that I taught myself to get easily rid of unnecessary clothes, utensils and souvenirs, it became easier to stop negative thoughts, to end up toxic relationships and to say "no". Although at the beginning of my minimalistic path I did not expect such results and revelations about this topic.

You are free to choose for yourselves whether you want to integrate minimalism in your life or not. I hope I inspired you to try it and experience it's advantages for yourself.