Multifaceted fatigue

Author: Johns
Illustrator: Argona
Have you ever wondered how many times have you heard the phrase "I'm tired" from people around you? And maybe you also use this expression a lot. I think both options have met in your life. But hardly someone tried to look at this small phrase more religiously, while behind the shadow of the letters anything can be hidden!
So, let's finally dive into the depth so that it no longer seems to us dark and unknown.
Hi, it's me, Johns, and today we will talk about simple human tiredness. Or not so simple one?

In most cases, tiredness influences pupils and students of universities. The adolescence also plays a big role because sometimes it seems like emotions start to live their own life, and after a tornado of negativity, you simply don't understand why you got pissed off. Unfortunately, this also concerns me.

Lately at school I've been being under enormous pressure and and in this case you can't get rid of tiredness so easily.
Sitting at the lesson, you have only two things in your head: thoughts of escape and a wild headache, because of which you cannot learn new materials. So, after the lessons are over, and you have lunch in the cafeteria, although the food isn't delicious, when you come home, you check a school journal and the headache becomes stronger than it was previously.
Before your tired and sleepy eyes, a ton of homework, and, of course, it rends you apart. I understand that teachers try to give us the maximum amount of knowledge. But why there is so much homework for ordinary students who then sit with them until 10 or even 11 o'clock in the evening?!

Finally, you filled out a million notebooks and went to bed exhausted, but here is a surprise! Just five minutes later, you hear an alarm clock which informs you that a new school day has begun, and the previous day is destined to be repeated. And that's how we live five times a week. Perfect isn't it?!
Parents are another topic for discussion. Each family is different. But I often hear stories from my friends about how their parents are indignant, since their child's grades are getting worse and worse each time. It's so unpleasant for me to see the depressed expressions on faces with which my peers can walk all day around the school. I'm just curious but do parents realize what is going on in our heads, what we feel, pass through ... or simply what do we want?
My parents treat me with understanding and always support me, feeling the pressure that I feel in my school, for what I am very grateful to them! But recently I've been beginning to replace parents' pressure with my own pressure to myself, trying to set goals every day, complete tasks and do everything clearly so that the day would be as productive as possible. It's probably not difficult for you to understand that there wasn't any gigabyte of space in my "productive" head for such a thing as "rest".

As a result, I overheat my brain, and it completely refuses to work. You know this feeling when your head begins to split, pulsate, heat up, a picture in your eyes gets cloudy, and you can't normally understand what's going on around you.
Formula of fatigue
I think that I religiously explained the meaning of the phrase "I'm tired." So, after everything you've read, we can derive an easy and understandable formula for everyone:

The pressure at work/school + parental pressure / own pressure = stress, headaches, depression, and whatever your heart desires.
I agree that it's quite difficult to get out of such a state. There's a feeling that no one understands you and cannot help you at all. And that's plain to see because only you can help your inner world come to harmony and balance. But do not forget that nothing in our real world is one sided. Everything has several sides, but just because of fatigue, we can see only one facet. Maybe you want to ask me: "Jones, what are you talking about? What's going on with you? " In other words, I suggest you look at the problem from the other side.

Let's imagine that the Brain is a separate, living being, if it starts somehow giving you signals, it means that Brain wants something. So, listen to it! If it'll say it wants to sleep, then sleep. If it wants to watch movies, watch them. If it wants to draw inexplicable scrabbles in a notebook for physics lessons, go ahead, draw them! If you'll give your brain will and freedom by removing chains of "productivity", then soon your headache will disappear somewhere, and your mood will improve.

The second facet that you should pay attention to is the destruction of routine because no one likes days that are the same. In my opinion, a human was created to move, literally and figuratively. Forget about your homework and go for a walk with friends. You can also bail on everyone and go for a walk by yourself to places where you haven't been yet. Find an event where you can meet interesting people and even some new friends. Change something in appearance: hairstyle, style of clothing, earring in the ear, earring in the nose ... This facet is the most extensive, so there can be infinitely many options. Just turn on your imagination, get your head in the clouds, create your idyll!
As you can see, in this problem I found two rather large facets that help us solve the difficult situation, but there are so many people on this planet that can create millions, billions and even more sides. And what facets do you see? Let me know in the comments below.
Well, this was Johns, and I wish that your Brains live in peace and harmony! Bye for now!
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